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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
I have a question about this one.  Enrico was abusing the system (from
the bug log, at least, I concur with that judgment).  But is it a
coincidence that he was sanctioned, and that you were the maintainer
of the package whose BTS he was abusing?  In other words, if someone
does that to my package, do I get to say, "if you continue to abuse
the BTS this way, your access to the control bot will be removed"?

Hrm. I thought for sure I'd made that clear in that thread, but now I can't seem to find any evidence of it. Yes, you do; though you'll obviously need to find a BTS admin to implement it, and, well, know about it.

Err, </debbugs hat>. With the candidate hat on it's: I support the judgement of the bugs.d.o maintainers; if they collectively think it's a good idea to extend, revoke or change that policy, more power to them.

a "at least my head stays warm" j

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