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Re: Question for candidate Towns

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.03.03.1827 +0100]:
> If elected DPL I'd aim to remove the list problems by having
> delegates lead discussion of problems in their fields of expertise
> and having the

This sounds like the delegates would inform the general public of
problems; this is good.

> usual flamewars be declared off topic and either having the thread
> killed or, if necessary, the poster suspended.

I am not sure this is a good idea. First off, we're all about
freedom, and what you suggest is more reminiscent of totalitarianism
than freedom of speech.

I agree that flamewars are not stimulating (and I did apologise for
and repent starting one recently). I continue to hold my position
that more communication from the delegates to the rest of the
develoepers would probably solve the problem adequatly. You are
planning to address this, so we are looking at better times!

That said, there is no way to ban flamewars since they are sort of
part of the nature of a project like this. I am not trying to
encourage or justify them; I just think that there should be no
punishment for them in the way you propose.

> I think it's easy to avoid those sorts of flamewars by starting
> a thread with a patch instead of complaints,

Not speaking for anyone but myself, I hold the following position:
I would like to help out, and I am not the one "not to get my hands
dirty"; I submit patches to various projects on a regular basis, but
only if I can figure out where to start. I am well aware that
I could spend a weekend to dive into the depths of dak, but I have
not yet found the time or motivation to do so. The story would be
a different one if I did not feel like dak was a magic potion, the
child of a few Debian developers who have been with the project very
long, and who have gathered so much experience that I cannot even
grasp the extent. Maybe this issue is a psychological one on my end,
but it seems to prevail with a bunch of other developers too.

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