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Re: Question for candidate Towns

also sprach Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [2005.03.11.0158 +0100]:
> I can't see any way of having polite reminders work without some
> sort of statement from the DPL or the listmasters, probably with
> the prospect of some sort of enforcement, though, personally.

And I can't see how enforcement will fly within a project such as

> >That said, there is no way to ban flamewars since they are sort
> >of part of the nature of a project like this.
> There's a trivial way: moderate the lists. I think there are less
> fascist ways that'll be both effective and more efficient. But
> there's no point kidding ourselves that it'll be easy or that
> everyone'll be happy with the change.

Let's try it. Let's create debian-devel-moderated and
debian-user-moderated and see what happens. I volunteer to be (one
of the) moderator(s).

> >I am not trying to encourage or justify them; I just think that
> >there should be no punishment for them in the way you propose.
> If you don't want the punishment, don't do the wrong thing :)

Oh, is that how it works??? 8-]

> >The story would be a different one if I did not feel like dak was
> >a magic potion, the child of a few Debian developers who have
> >been with the project very long, and who have gathered so much
> >experience that I cannot even grasp the extent.
> There's nothing magic about anything in Debian; it's all just 1's
> and 0's.

... and a number of restricted machines, to name just one example of
how people without access might feel excluded from the inner circle.
I know the reason why these are restricted, which is mainly
security. It's certainly not obscurity, but that's what is
perceivable. I hope I am making sense.

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