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Re: General Resolution: Handling of the non-free section: proposedBallot

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

> > The response is easy: it won't have our name on it anymore, and we
> > won't be devoting our resources to its support.
> Which ressources ? Assuredly not the small time the ftp-masters pass on
> it ? Assuredly not the minimal bandwidth requirement ? 

You asked how the proposal would change anything.  I described two
changes it would make, which are of cardinal importance to me.

The former, incidentally, is perhaps the most important, since it has
already confused you in this very thread, having already said that you
"would prefer every software in debian to be free", implying that it
isn't already.

The compromise was that we have non-free stuff in the infrastructure,
but it is not part of the official distribution.  That has clearly
broken down, since you are already confused about it.


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