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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

John H. Robinson, IV wrote:

with presence for the purposes of meeting quorum.

another example: DPL election, two candidates, R=45

450x DAB
45x ADB

Condorcet: D wins
Proposed:  A wins
Amended:   D wins

here we have a case where ten times the number of people think that both
candidates are so rotten, they would rather see no one in office. a
minority of a voters would like to see their candidate win. under the
proposed mechanism, the minority of the voters win, because the loud
majority voice was squelched by the per-option implementation of quota.

You are going to have to walk me though this one. Here's what I see happening under Manoj's proposal:

45 voters prefer A to D, which is equal to R, so A "meets quorum".
No voters prefer B to D, which is less than R, so B does not meet quorum, and is eliminated.

More voters prefer D over A than A over D, so A is eliminated as not acceptable.

The only remaining candidate to feed into the SSD procedure is D, so D wins.

How do you get A winning?

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