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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

On Wed, 21 May 2003 14:27:53 -0400, Buddha Buck <bmbuck@14850.com> said: 

> 2) Would an amendment to (a) to the following effect be acceptable
>    and
> clear up nomenclature issues:

> Replace A.6.2-4 in the proposed amendment with:

> 2.  Procedural Definitions
> a. V(A,B): For any options A and B, V(A,B) is defined as the number
>          of ballots cast that rank option A higher than option B
> b. margin of A over B: The margin of A over B M(A,B) = V(A,B)-V(B,A)
>          Note that M(A,B) = -M(B,A)
> c. defeats: For any options A and B, A defeats B if and
>           only if M(A,B) > 0
> d.  Acceptable: An option A other than the default option is
>           considered "acceptable" if and only if M(A,default) >= R,
>           where R is the "quorum requirement" for the vote.

	This changes the meaning of Quorum as used by Debian. In
 Debian, quorum is used to ensure there a modicum of interest in an
 option -- so, if R people vote for an option, there is interest. It
 does not matter how many people vote _against_ the option -- Quorum
 is not used to ensure a margin of victory.

	Indeed, once it has been established that a sufficient segment
 of the voting population is interested in an option, the cloneproof
 SSD condorcet method is perfectly capable of determining winners --
 and close winners ought to be acceptable, no? (Remember, our current
 DPL won by just 4 votes in the closest pairwise race).

	If you meant to change the meaning of quorum, I must confess I

> e. Superacceptable: An option A with a supermajority
>          requirement of N:M is considered superacceptable if and
>          only if M*V(A,default) > N:V(default,A).
> f.  Pairwise defeat: A pairwise defeat is an ordered pair of
>           options (A, B) where A defeats B.
> g.  "weaker" A pairwise defeat (A,B) is considered weaker than
>           pairwise defeat (C,D) if V(A,B) < V(C,D)
> 3. Dropped options
> a. Any non-default option A which is not acceptable is dropped
> b. Any option A with a supermajority requirement which is not
>          superacceptable is dropped.
> 4. Create a list of all pairwise defeats (A,B), where neither A nor
>    B
> are dropped, sorted by V(A,B).

> with related changes elsewhere to use these definition.

	So, to answer your question, no, I would not find this
 acceptable for my version of the GR, for the reasons presented

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