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Re: Questions for the candidates

cord@debian.org (Cord Beermann) writes:

> Bdale: When i check http://bugs.debian.org/bdale@gag.com i find a lot
>   of bugs, including the important bugs (#95300, #99642, #108438) that
>   already contain fixes or pointers for a fix. These bugs doesn't look
>   like as if you have touched them.

Bug 95300 I discussed with the submitter live on IRC, and there is no clear
solution.  The functionality of 'dump' has changed, such that one possible
way of using it from Amanda no longer works.  Using 'tar' is a reasonable
workaround for backing up subtrees.  I'll post a reply to that bug indicating
that.  The severity of this bug is debatable, but I'm not inclined to reduce
it until I see what the next release of Amanda does about this, if anything.

The other two bugs you point out are in 'host'.  Despite the presence of
a patch in one of those reports, resolving the numerous problems with host
is not an easy task.  I believe it is no longer maintained upstream.  Since 
I now personally prefer the version provided by the bind9-host package, I had
considered orphaning the package... and now that you've reminded me of it,
host is now an orphan.  See bug 136736.

>   In your platform you said 'Our
>   users expect and deserve to receive software from us that "just
>   works".  How does this fit together?

I've personally investigated and closed over a thousand bugs on behalf of 
the project.  Many of the packages I maintain are big ugly hunks of code that
I picked up because they needed attention and nobody else wanted to work on
them at the time.  The ones I have packaged from scratch are all pretty clean.

If you look down at the bottom of the page of bugs against my packages, 
you'll see a long list recently closed, and if you check my upload history, I 
think you'll find a long history of work making things better.  

My platform states my sense of what our goal should be, and I invite everyone
to join me in striving to attain it!

>   (If you can't handle the workload generated by your 'several dozen
>   packages' would you give some of them up for adoption if you become
>   DPL?)


Actually, I've already taken on a co-maintainer for one large package, and
may take on another regardless of the election.  Several maintainers have 
indicated a willingness to help out with various packages.


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