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Re: responsability, blah blah blah

davidw@dedasys.com (David N. Welton) writes:

> I want to know how the
> DPL candidates would handle a situation like this so as to 1) get
> services restored quickly and securely, or at the very minimum, keep
> the rank and file informed of what's going on, and 2) not piss off
> sponsors and volunteers.

I think you have the priority of the two backwards.  We *must* treat our 
sponsors and volunteers with the dignity and respect they deserve as good 
and essential friends of the project.  Debian as we know it would not exist 
without generous infrastructure contributions.

Security incidents should be handled by our admin team working in concert 
with the affected resource contributors.

As DPL, I'd want to be made aware of what is happening, and would of course
be willing to act as public spokesperson to the Debian community and beyond.


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