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Questions for the candidates


I have 3 questions, one for each candidate:

Bdale: When i check http://bugs.debian.org/bdale@gag.com i find a lot
  of bugs, including the important bugs (#95300, #99642, #108438) that
  already contain fixes or pointers for a fix. These bugs doesn't look
  like as if you have touched them. In your platform you said 'Our
  users expect and deserve to receive software from us that "just
  works".  How does this fit together?

  (If you can't handle the workload generated by your 'several dozen
  packages' would you give some of them up for adoption if you become

Raphael: You mentioned that you will finish your studies in summer.
  How can you guarantee that you have the time to be DPL after that?

Branden: You made some (to my opinion) very rude and overreacting
  statements against other People namely against 'Jack Howarth'
  and 'Michael Bramer'
  Is this the style dealing with problems, we have to expect from you
  as DPL?


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