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Questions for the candidates

Hi everyone,

 A couple of questions for the candidates:

 1. The project's main goal is to produce a 100% free operating system,
    and in my opinion we are doing quite well in that respect.  But the
    question of *how* this goal is achieved is seldom posed.  In
    particular, I have the feeling that Debian is at times not as open
    as it could or should be.  What I mean by this is that, for an
    outsider, figuring out how Debian works might be possible but it
    won't be easy: there's too much information hiding in too many
    places.  "Insiders" have a problem, too.  Even if public places is
    where most of the Debian-related discussion takes place, some of
    them are as public as a restaurant or a park is: everyone is allowed
    to go there, but not many people will be able to take part in the
    discussion process.  Two or three people arguing about a topic and
    reaching a decision about it leaves 500+ other people in the dark.
    Even if the decision is made public, not having the discussion
    readly available hinders other's ability to understand the
    conclusion and embrace it.

    With that as an starting point, do you have any opinions regarding
    this topic?  Do you regard Debian as an "open enough" organization,
    or do you think there's room for improvement?

 2. Historically Debian has had project leaders varying between two
    extrema: those who were very vocal and could be seen constantly
    participating in a productive way in several internal and external
    fora and those who tended to take part in discussions to make
    succint statements regarding their opinion of the subject at hand.
    Both styles highlited good and bad characteristics to have in a
    leader for a project like Debian.

    Between these two cases, what kind of leadership do you foresee
    yours to be?


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