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Re: Question to Candidates

joey@infodrom.org (Martin Schulze) writes:

>  1. How are you going to address public auditors on major events
>     (such as LWE, FOSDEM, DebConf, LinuxTag etc.) with speaches?
>     I read that not all of you were going to many events in the
>     past or giving talks.

I have attended many conferences over the years, including regular appearances
at things like the Usenix Technical conference, and many technical meetings
elsewhere in the software, networking, and amateur radio communities.  I've
spoken fairly frequently about Linux and Debian, I just haven't made it to 
very many "Linux-only events" in the past.

I have several presentation proposals submitted right now, and have accepted
an invitation to host one of the "Ask the Guru" sessions at the Usenix 
Technical conference this June.

In other words, no worries.  I like attending technical meetings, my current
job makes it more likely I will get to Linux-specific events than in the past,
and I'm an experienced public speaker.


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