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Re: Question restated

Hallo! Du (Branden Robinson) hast geschrieben:

>Yes.  By making reference to my SPI Treasurer work, I was endeavoring to
>illustrate how, in many respects, I've already done so.  Maybe it's just
>me, but I think this is a better approach than glib testimonials about
>how "yes, I'll be a good boy in the future".
>This is why I encouraged Mr. Beermann to bring any concerns with my
>conduct as SPI Treasurer to my attention as soon as possible.

I don't have a cause to think that you do your work bad, or don't
handle your responsibilities correctly.  My concern is clarified more
by the follow-ups by Dale.

I even didn't mentioned your 'job' as SPI Treasurer.

Cord^WMr. Beermann
Cord Beermann   cord@Wunder-Nett.org (Privat)

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