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Re: [PROPOSED] Michael Bramer must stop spamming or be expelled

>>>>> "Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

    Branden> I propose that Michael Bramer be ordered to stop sending
    Branden> automated mails to other developers (regarding the DDTS
    Branden> or any other subject).

    Branden> If he does not comply within 24 hours of ratification of
    Branden> this proposal, he will be expelled from the Debian
    Branden> Project.

So, if he is using Debian machines, it seems he may already be
violating the Debian machine AUP.  Certainly if I were doing something
that sent automated mail to people that was not opt-in, I would feel
compelled to respond promptly to requests to never send mail to
people, regardless of the form of those requests.

Have you considered sending to debian-admin or abuse or whatever the
appropriate contact is and formally complaining that you are receiving
spam from a Debian machine?  If debian-admin makes a decision that
what he is doing does not violate the AUP or if debian-admin fails to
make a decision about a reasonable complaint formally presented to
them, I would likely second a GR overturning this (non)determination.


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