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Re: [PROPOSED] Michael Bramer must stop spamming or be expelled

[Please reply to debian-vote]

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 09:03:20AM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> So, if he is using Debian machines, it seems he may already be
> violating the Debian machine AUP.  Certainly if I were doing something
> that sent automated mail to people that was not opt-in, I would feel
> compelled to respond promptly to requests to never send mail to
> people, regardless of the form of those requests.
> Have you considered sending to debian-admin or abuse or whatever the
> appropriate contact is and formally complaining that you are receiving
> spam from a Debian machine?  If debian-admin makes a decision that
> what he is doing does not violate the AUP or if debian-admin fails to
> make a decision about a reasonable complaint formally presented to
> them, I would likely second a GR overturning this (non)determination.


  You may not advertise your WWW pages, or cause another person to
  advertise it, by techniques that would be classified as abuse if they
  were carried out from a Debian Account. This includes, but is not
  limited to, bulk emailing and excessive news posting. Such action may be
  treated under the appropriate DMUP as if it had been done from the
  Account, or as a violation of this DMUP or both.

I request a ruling from the Debian-Admin team on whether Michael
Bramer's actions constitute "bulk emailing".

It is my personal opinion that it does, but that bulk emailing should be
accepted under the following circumstances:
	1) That the bulk emails be on a subject relevant to the Project;
	2) That any such bulk emailing engine be announced at least one
	week in advance of its activation, to both debian-devel-announce and
	3) That the purpose of the bulk emailing engine be specifically
	defined in the email in step 2;
	4) That the location of the subscription list and the script(s)
	that operate it (or equivalent resources) be announced in the
	same mail as step 2 above (so that the Debian-Admin team can
	shut the bulk-emailing process down quickly if it goes haywire);
	5) That any and all subscribers to such lists must "opt-in";
	that is, they must notify the operator(s) of these bulk mailers
	and express an affirmative desire to receive these mails to be
	6) That the subscription list(s) not be made public (e.g., on
	the World Wide Web), or distributed to anyone who is not a
	Debian Developer;
	7) That each bulk emailing engine restrict itself to the purpose
	described at the time of its creation.


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