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Re: [PROPOSED] Michael Bramer must stop spamming or be expelled

On 04/10/01, Branden Robinson wrote:
> I propose that Michael Bramer be ordered to stop sending automated mails
> to other developers (regarding the DDTS or any other subject).
> If he does not comply within 24 hours of ratification of this proposal,
> he will be expelled from the Debian Project.
> I am seeking seconds for this proposal.


Michael Bramer wanted to improve Debian by starting a translation
project to help people who either don't speak english or understand it
only very bad. He and some other people, who helped him, invested their
free time in creating the necessary framework. Then when the DDTS, as he
called the project, send out notifications to the maintainers about
those translations, people only complained loudly about the mails and
the "spamming" as they called it and I saw nobody in the discussion
about this on debian-devel offering to help Michael Bramer rewriting or
fixing the framework to meet their needs. Now some people again
complained only loudly, without offering any help and you also proposed
mail-bombing Michael Bramer, for investing so much free time in this
project (DDTS). And now you even propose to expell him just for trying
to improve Debian and contribute a bit more to it? And just giving
someone 24 hours to respond and comply to some proposal is bad-chosen,
because on the one hand it leaks exact information about which day,time
and timezone this ultimatum will end and also that's not enough time for
people who work only in their free time on such a project and half also
a job and maybe a family.

If this proposal will really be seconded and Michael Bramer expelled,
I think I need to rethink why I once joined this project and if the
chances that happened since that time are still acceptable or not. I've
the feeling that some people here are forgetting that everyone here is a
human being and that there are unwritten rules for polite behaviour. 

So for everyone who still didn't understood that message, I'm complete
against that proposal.

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