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List usage for voting discussion (subject changed for Wichert)

On 10-Jun-99, 17:29 (CDT), Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote: 
> For other ballots, I would be; for this one, I didn't find any
> discussion necessary. I can't see why all discussion of a ballot
> must occur on the debian-vote list. Most of these things being on
> debian-devel, and could remain there.

Sigh. When we have non-technical discussion on debian-devel, people
bitch and say "use another group" (thus the creation of debian-vote,
-discuss, and innumerable other groups). When we then use those groups,
people bitch because they miss the discussion. I sometimes think it's
the same people arguing both ways (not implying that Hamish is doing

Screw it. I say we go back to three non-moderated, non-announce groups:
-user, -devel, and -private. And -private may NOT be used just because
it's low-volume. Learn how to deal with the volume (procmail and
threaded mail reader go a long way). Keep -announce, -devel-announce,
and -security-announce: the audiences are sufficiently disting. Get rid
of everything else.


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