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Re: The Ugly Logo and the Consequences

On 10-Jun-99, 02:58 (CDT), Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote: 
> Unfortunately it is all too easy for CFVs to get lost on this mailing list.

* Subject:.*CFV

> I would prefer it remained an announce list, or that CFVs were also sent
> to debian-devel-announce. 

I too would like to see the CFV on debian-devel-announce, with followups
set to debian-vote.

> I am not interested in the other discussion on this list.

Then how can you possibly make an informed decision? Ok, the logo was
pretty simple (although discussion about why certain candidates would
not make good logos was imformative). But the idea that you would vote
on an ammendment to the constition without being bothered to follow the
discussion on the effects/meanings of that ammendment is a little scary
to me.


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