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complaints about vote announcements (was: Re: The Ugly Logo and the Consequences)

Why is this discussion a) being held here, and b) using a subject
that doesn't even come close the what is being discussed?

While I have your attention, let me say that I think the CFVs are
currently being send to the right lists (-devel-announce and -vote).
Sending them to more mailinglist does not make much sense I think.
Both lists (especially -devel-announce) should (if they aren't currently) be
mentioned as highly recommend (and low traffic) reading material.

Furthermore if people weren't aware that a vote is happening they
are probably not informed enough to cast a proper vote. These days
votes are announced on 2 of our lists, our webpage, DWN, and a bunch
of newssites such as slashdot. You almost have to try not to become
aware of them..

Wichert (who is about to announce another big vote :).

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