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Re: Recommendation for a netbook

On 1/25/21 3:29 PM, deloptes wrote:
Nicolas George wrote:

This does not look compatible with "I need it to be not expensive,
because that's for taking in transports daily and sometimes leaving
unsupervised in classrooms".

It is good quality for the money - what means expensive?! My advise is buy
good hardware - and it is usually the business line.
The Dell 5440 was around US$900,- and I considered it cheep (incl. docking
station in 2016)

The ProBook is 645 G1 also great.
No touchscreen.
Latitude 3190 2in1 starts at ~600,- (589,00 €) with touch screen.
Similar for HP (Elitebook although I liked the ProBook better).
we have several HP 820 Elitebooks. like a rock.
10" but no touch screen. I think they sold for +/- $1000 when new.
all of these were eBay finds, probably paid less than $250 each 4 or 5 years ago.

But I can't say if these are good - just guess because they are labeled

I know Dell XPS series were also good.

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