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Re: Recommendation for a netbook

Nicolas George wrote:

> This does not look compatible with "I need it to be not expensive,
> because that's for taking in transports daily and sometimes leaving
> unsupervised in classrooms".

It is good quality for the money - what means expensive?! My advise is buy
good hardware - and it is usually the business line.
The Dell 5440 was around US$900,- and I considered it cheep (incl. docking
station in 2016)

>> The ProBook is 645 G1 also great.
> No touchscreen.

Latitude 3190 2in1 starts at ~600,- (589,00 €) with touch screen.
Similar for HP (Elitebook although I liked the ProBook better).

But I can't say if these are good - just guess because they are labeled

I know Dell XPS series were also good.

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