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Re: Recommendation for a netbook

Andrew M.A. Cater (12021-01-25):
> 10" no longer seems to exist: Dells/Asus/Lenovo seem to start at 12.5 / 
> 13 inch. 11.6" seems to be Chromebooks.

Then I will take larger than 10".

> Secondhand seems to be the only way you'll find something. The Lenovo X131
> I have next to me lasted for several years until the screen hinge gave out.

As I said, I do not want second-hand, and Lenovo has lost my trust.

> Small laptops are at a premium if you can find them - even Chromebooks are
> now silly prices.

Do you have actual models in mind? I can read catalogs too.

> The Pinebooks are seriously low-priced but limited.- right size but no 
> touchscreen but priced so that if you were to lose one you wouldn't be too sad:
> Pinebook / Pinebook Pro?

Unfortunately, the touchscreen is not optional, I need it.


  Nicolas George

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