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Re: [OT] Wifi AP for Gigabit LAN/WAN

Am 25.01.21 um 20:16 schrieb basti:
at the moment I use 802.11n /2.4GHz wifi. I get 1 Gbit down/250 Mbit up
WAN in 2 months.
I'm search for wifi AP to get the best out of my WAN connection.
I know I need 5GHz wifi.

Are there any recommends?

On 2021-01-25 13:11, Frank Michael Dienst wrote:

> have a look to ubiquiti-AP.
> https://www.ui.com/unifi/unifi-ap-ac-pro/
> The AP-AC-Pro systems with two RJ45-connectors work with bonding up to
> 2,5 Gbit.

+1 for Ubiquiti UniFi products:


I started with one UniFi AP AC Lite and set it up with the built-in web interface. It has worked flawlessly ever since.

But what I really wanted was the UniFi Network Controller. The controller is what provides the "Uni" in UniFi. It available as free-as-in-beer software, bundled in certain UniFi hardware products, and via third-party hosting providers. I got a VPS (linode.com) and installed the Debian package.

I soon added a UniFi Security Gateway (USG). This integrates with the controller and adds network control and monitoring capabilities. It has also worked flawlessly.

If and when I want to set up a multi-site network and/or VPN's, I can add USG's at the remote site(s).


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