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Re: [OT] Regular DKIM issues on this ML (was: Re: why !oh why Debian and application list)


13 juin 2020 à 14:21 de andy@strugglers.net:

> The mbox mail archive format is a single file containing all
> messages concatenated together. Separate messages are recognised by
> a line that starts:
> >From > you@example.com>  ...
> As you can imagine if a message body contained such text it might
> prematurely end the emails and then the next email would be of an
> invalid format.
> As a result a lot of (mostly older) mail software escapes mail body
> lines that begin with "From" by putting a ">" in front, sometimes
> even when not in the context of archiving into an mbox. This is most
> likely what happened here. The use of ">" for this is just a very
> common convention.
Thanks, I was not aware of this.
However, this extra ">" should have been deleted upon viewing the email, no?
If I'm right, escaping "From" with a leading ">" is just for mailing software internals (mbox), the reverse process is applied when displaying the final message...

13 juin 2020 à 15:12 de gheskett@shentel.net:

> On Saturday 13 June 2020 08:24:49 Andy Smith wrote:
>> Amusingly I didn't think to point out that by sending a line that
>> starts with that, Debian's list software will quote it! I should
>> probably have indented it with whitespace. Anyway, I didn't type the
>> ">" there; Debian's list software inserted it.
> It is not present when your msg arrives here.
I confirm. Maybe it's your email client that did that?


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