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Re: [OT] Regular DKIM issues on this ML (was: Re: why !oh why Debian and application list)

On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 09:05:24PM +0200, l0f4r0@tuta.io wrote:
> 13 juin 2020 à 21:01 de l0f4r0@tuta.io:
> > Ok let's see for me as well:
> >
> > >From my point of view
> >
> > >From: l0f4r0
> >
> > l0f4r0
> >
> Everything's ok:
> Authentication-Results: w3.tutanota.de (dis=neutral; info=dmarc domain policy); 
> dmarc=pass (dis=neutral p=quarantine; aspf=r; adkim=s; pSrc=dns) header.from=tuta.io;
> dkim=pass header.d=tuta.io header.s=s1 header.b=m6Vop4KZ

You're looking at the wrong header. It's X-Spam-Status and
X-Amavis-Spam-Status you should worry about. Authetication-Results is
set by your MTA receiving your own mail from the list.

But yes, they are both OK for this and your previous e-mails.

Which one of these is under your control btw, w3.tutanota.de or


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