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Re: [OT] Regular DKIM issues on this ML (was: Re: why !oh why Debian and application list)

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 10:45:13PM +0200, l0f4r0@tuta.io wrote:
> Hi Reco,
> 12 juin 2020 à 22:32 de recoverym4n@enotuniq.net:
> > Removing Content-Type (and maybe Content-Transfer-Encoding) from OP's
> > DKIM policy should do the trick, although it can has certain undesirable
> > side-effects if MTA in question is used for other purposes.
> >
> Thanks, I will submit this lead to my email provider.

As Michael Stone helpfully pointed - it might not be enough.

> > I'd like to see a headers of this problematic e-mail too. Can you post
> > them please?
> >
> I'm not sure to understand  your request.
> The only headers I  have are those from incoming emails. As a ML subscriber you have access to the headers like me, don't you?

Yes, but I just cannot find that particular e-mail of yours with
Message-Id: <[🔎] M9Er2Er--3-2@tuta.io>.
And the search via Web interface finds nothing.

> Or maybe you are speaking about the original body?

No, the body is not interesting at all here.
What I'm interested in is the result of DKIM check, and that's might be
written in e-mail headers. Or not.


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