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Re: [OT] How to help the OP? (was: How long will this take?)

tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:

>> Now the superior moral leftists came here to judge what is polite and
>> what
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Again, your idea of polite differs from mine by a wide margin.

With all respect to you tomas this is perfectly OK. Deviations should be
acceptable both right and left, however I see more often finger pointing
from the left and what actually bothers me most is that some people think
they are on this earth to judge over others.

There is nothing unpolite in the mentioned statement: "There is no dilemma
at all: we are not paid help-desk technicians."

This is simple truth. There is a big problem in the way it is being
criticized and the critics accepted and/or tolerated. The main problem I
see is that people do not care how language works, insufficient funding of
schools etc. Simply listen at Jordan Peterson. 

I simply refuse to accept this attempt of censoring - it is gone too far (by
wide margin).

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