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Re: How long will this take?

Anders Andersson (12020-06-10):
> Except wiping a disk is trivial. Just start the job and come back
> later to a clean disk. It's not like you have to wipe it by hand. I do
> it routinely before I put a disk to use that's going to be used for a
> couple of years.

There is no "except" about: define your threat model; if it requires
wiping, wipe. If it does not, wiping is just a waste of time, little or
lots, still a waste. And it is a waste of power too.

There are many things that are trivial to do with a hard drive and could
benefit security in far-fetched scenarios. Did you wipe the possible
traces of cocaine? Did you weight it to check it matches the specs? Did
you take pictures of all angles? All these and many others are trivial.
Why one but not the others?


  Nicolas George

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