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Re: Zoom- best practice?

The Wanderer (12020-06-09):
> I subscribe to probably dozens of mailing lists, and I don't know of any
> way to configure things to add that header with a proper value
> automatically on a per-mailing-list basis. Otherwise, I'd probably have
> done this years ago, unless other considerations (e.g., UI for when I
> want to do this vs. when I really do want to reply to the sender or to
> all recipients) took precedence.

With Mutt, I use this:

send-hook ~Cdebian-user@lists.debian.org my_hdr "Reply-To: debian-user@lists.debian.org"

There is certainly an extension to Mozilla to do the same thing with a
few dozen clics.

> For myself, I use the "Reply to List" button in (a now-old version of)
> Thunderbird, and avoid the issue of Reply-To settings entirely unless I
> actually do want to reply to something other than just the list.

That means you need to remember and take notice, each time you reply to
a mail, whether you are replying to a list or not. I personally reject
any solution with that requirement, since there are solutions without.

> While I wouldn't necessarily take the argument as far as you appear to,
> I am inclined to agree in principle.
> That said, while this is an important aspect of the situation, it's
> technically a tangent from the question of whether people other than the
> developers can build the program and have the result be usable. If we
> assume that the developers don't routinely update or replace these
> prebuilt objects, and don't hack these objects themselves as part of
> working on the project, then the tree we have is the tree the developers
> build from - and if we can build a working program from it, then that
> narrower question is answered "yes".

These thoughts caused me to consider an even scarier hypothesis:

It's entirely possible that the authors of Jitsi themselves would not be
able to build it from sources.

> I just don't care to bother with doing that myself at present. Which, to
> an extent, turns things back to Tomas' point.

Tomas's point is "give the benefit of the doubt", but at this point
there is not much doubt left.


  Nicolas George

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