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Re: How long will this take?

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 8:28 PM Nicolas George <george@nsup.org> wrote:
> Jude DaShiell (12020-06-09):
> > High security operations do this routinely.  They properly don't trust
> > parts are as labeled from manufacturers especially manufacturers that
> > send any of their stuff or get any of their stuff from China.
> There is no trust to have. The previous contents would be overwritten on
> the first actual write of a file.
> And if the filesystem reads a sector that has never been written, that's
> a serious bug in the operating system.

Too bad if you end up in a routine police investigation and they find
child pornography when scanning the disks for deleted files.

"Must have been the previous owner" is a valid defense, but I'd rather
not end up having to use it.

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