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Re: Having trouble installing Debian on brand new hard drive

didier.gaumet@gmail.com composed on 2020-02-12 01:57 (UTC-0800):

>> Windows will automatically create a partition out of the 50GB partition
>> that I made for it?

> I may be wrong, but I do not think the Microsoft Windows installer will do so: it will probably try to create other partitions if there is enough available space on your disk 

It does the same thing as the Mac OS installer. If you present to it what it
wants, it makes no partitioning changes. If you don't, it will divide up what you
do give it, as long as what you do give it can meet its minimum requirement. If
you leave it enough freespace without offering it its ESP/NTFS/reserved/recovery
requirement, it will then use the freespace as required to make up the difference.
If it can't be happy with whatever possibilities are presented, it will (IIRC)
give you a choice between wiping something out to make the space it wants
available, or aborting. Since two decades ago I have always pre-partitioned, given
it what it can be happy with, so my main chances to observe alternatives since
then have been in cleaning up messes others make.
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