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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

Kenneth Parker wrote:

> Background:  One of my "volunteer activities" is to "Rehabilitate" really
> old Hardware, to keep it off our Landfills, and to have it available to
> people with Extremely Low finances.  I was part of an organization in
> Seattle, doing this, but I am not finding others, at least so far, here in
> North Carolina.

Given the power consumption of older hardware and the productivity, I
wouldn't do it for the sake of the planet. So no wonder. On the other
hand - the microsoft/apple mentality to obsolete the hardware after 2-5y is
also extremely bad. I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle.

For example I installed ubuntu or debian to few older notebooks and desktops
and gave them to few elderly people 10y ago. This year I started replacing


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