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Re: Bootable USB Buster System

Kenneth Parker wrote:

> Here I am.  And yes, I have run installs on USB Drives, on one system, and
> then tried to boot it on another.  Things that go wrong include different
> naming conventions for Ethernet, sound woes, and even (at least once) only
> getting into Text Mode, due to wildly different Video hardware.  So what I
> was trying to figure out was, what's involved in booting a Live DVD (or
> USB) iso system, and if anybody had figured out how to populate the file
> systems, yet do Hardware Tests, during the booting process.

All you described is expected and there is nothing wrong with it. When you
do a USB boot, you have to prepare the USB to support as much hardware as
possible before you boot. Also you do not, I repeat, you do not configure
network or other stuff - you keep the customizations to a minimum.

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