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Re: Don't disable recoomends by default

On Vi, 12 iul 19, 20:21:08, Reco wrote:
> I say - if the user wants to "break" a system by not installing the
> Recommends - let them. Whenever it's curiosity, a way of learning
> something new or just a wish to do an OS liposuction.


Still, I would avoid recommending (ha!) turning off Recommends except if 
a poster has a specific problem that might be solved by it (e.g. space 

> Either way it won't break (a hint - Recommends weren't always the
> default), or the user will learn something new in a process.

I'm pretty sure Jonas was around when that happened ;)

> Besides, they don't call Debian the Universal OS for nothing. It can
> tolerate the surprising amount of "breakage".

This is not about "breaking" Debian, but confusing the user (why does mc 
open gziped files, but not zip?)

Kind regards,

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