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OT: The vagaries of English [Was: Re: calibre ebook project?

On 25.09.18 20:19, Brian wrote:
> On Tue 25 Sep 2018 at 14:08:23 -0500, Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
> > Brian wrote:  Note to non-English speakers....natural English politeness
> > will get you a nod of the head but there will be incomprehension
> > in the mind
> > 
> > That also works with Americans who are native English speakers, that same
> > mute incomprehension. I think that works with Australians too...... :-)
> Americans? Are you referring to the ones who live in Patagonia?
> Are Australians native English speakers?

That depends. Youth less so¹, I find, but those of us who had the benefit
of schoolteachers who were educated prior to WWII retain a certain
mastery of English - even realising that it once had a grammar.

But back to coaches; here they are only sports coaches. Any other
connotation will whistle over the head of an Aussie, unless you put
"stage-" in front, to trigger recollection of wild west movies.

¹ Now the young resort to a tautological pidgin indistinguishable from
  A-mayorkhan, complete with major disregard for singular/plural and many
  other grammatical niceties. (I thought Socrates had made a similar
  complaint, but it was more general, it seems.)


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