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Re: calibre ebook project?

Hi brad,

I know there are legitimate reasons that a captcha can't be solved.  I
suspect that some may apply here.

If you can't solve the captcha, and you can't work around it, basically,
you're fucked.  Something I've said all along.  Nobody in a position to
do anything about it (i.e. google) seems to care.
The only way I sought to work around the Captcha was not a work around, but an effort to reach individuals behind the forum to which I sought access, i. e. I would have e-mailed hem directly, but even the contact form uses recaptcha, even with the service anticipating people might have an issue creating an account.

Additionally, there are many alternative forms of Captcha, honeypot fields for example.
Google does not force  anyone to use  recaptcha over these alternatives.
and searching before using reveals  lots of information, for example.

CAPTCHA: Inaccessible to Everyone:
CAPTCHA: How to do it right (ie. don't use CAPTCHA!):

Even worse, google's recaptcha relies on US-centric terminology.  Sadly,
many of the images they consider to be of a bus are more like coaches to
some Europeans.  Cars are a minefield;  Is an SUV a car or not?
Sometimes it seems to be, other times not.  It goes on.....   :-(

Recaptcha is an issue for those who do not speak English for whom Western cultural references are meaningless etc. etc. In the case of the door I sought though they pride themselves on their opensource roots, which should at least invite thinking outside of the box. Lastly, Google can be made to care, there was a terrific piece on the CBS News program 60 Minutes about Google's abuses and those prepared to make them care. Recaptcha is just one example of how Google controls markets.

Regards  _
        / )           "The blindingly obvious is
       / _)rad        never immediately apparent"
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