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Re: calibre ebook project?

On Mon 24 Sep 2018 at 20:12:23 (-0400), Karen Lewellen wrote:

> The only way I sought to work around the Captcha was not a work
> around, but an effort to reach individuals  behind the forum to which
> I sought access, i. e.
>  I would have e-mailed hem directly, but even the contact form uses
> recaptcha, even with the service  anticipating people might have an
> issue creating  an account.

Just as the captcha is to prevent robots from submitting the web page,
so the web page contact form is likely there to avoid releasing
details such as email addresses and telephone numbers. IOW they might
not wish to be contacted in that way. So it's moot to say that you're
not attempting a workaround.

The contact people may also have little control over how their hosting
service sets up verification. Very frustrating, I agree.


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