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Re: a dh keys question?

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 1 Aug 2018, Dan Ritter wrote:
>> She's been asked for logs and exact error message several times
>> now, and has not provided any.
> That is because according to the locations I am trying to visit, i. e. 
> our organizations new server with pair network,  my attempts are not 
> producing logs at all.

The output when you run the command "ssh -vv" is the log information
that we're asking for.  It's spit out right there on your stderr.  You
can then copy/paste that into a message for us to read.

Now, if you're not using the (linux) command-line ssh client, it would
be kind of a good idea to tell us this information (if you already did,
I apologize, as I missed it).

> [...]
> Remote host closed connection
> DH Key exchange failed
> remote reset connection.
> that is all I am getting .
> As for my comment in another post about the fastest solution, that refers 
> to finding a hosting company for our office that provides server  access 
> that does not use port 22.

Using a port other than 22 has absolutely zero to do with the
diffie-hellman error you are receiving.  If you would run the ssh
commands with higher verbosity (IIRC, minimally "-vv"), you would see
the actual error.

If you feel like testing this assertion out, feel free to ssh as
karen@djph.net. Also try karen@djph.net:2022 (both are non-existant

Both ports forward to the same relatively modern server (ssh version
6.7p1+), and I fully expect you to get the error:
    "Permission Denied (publickey)"

Although, that being said, they are also running pretty limited sets of
allowed ciphers/kexalgos/micalgs ... so if it is indeed your client that
is old, you may get some other error, such as a Diffie-Hellman
out-of-range error.

Again, the proper minimal command to get the full logs for review would be 

    ssh -vv karen@djph.net


    ssh -vv -p 2022 karen@djph.net

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