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Re: a dh keys question?

just a slight update..and correction of an idea below.

On Wed, 1 Aug 2018, Dan Purgert wrote:

Precisely.  DH failures are typically because one end or the other is
trying to use an "out of bounds" keysize.  E.g. you have a SSH 7.x
client, and the server is 6.0 or lower.
Not the case here,
as stated the problem exists, on every server I have tried, that uses port 22.

The error message is _probably_ something like this, right (note - may
require "ssh -vv" in order to see):
not at all.
As stated I was able to do this until about 5:00 p. m. on the last Friday of June. Additionally, one test done this morning, of a server using a port other than 22 proves my concern. I could reach it perfectly. Granted I intend doing yet another test on a different server with only the port number changed. However regardless of where I visit, even when I should have no issues like the chat.shazow idea,
The error is the same.
A simple check to make things work is running the ssh command as

My client already allows an option for some slight dh key manipulation, no difference. I cannot type the command you put here, but it does not seem to be the fastest solution.


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