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Re: File managers show files and directories in reverse order.........

On Wed, 30 May 2018 07:14:45 +1200 Ben Caradoc-Davies sent:

> On 29/05/18 13:46, Charlie S wrote:
> > On Tue, 29 May 2018 13:26:37 +1200 Ben Caradoc-Davies sent:  
> >> On 29/05/18 13:08, Charlie S wrote:  
> >>> Hello Everyone,
> >>> 	Suddenly my file managers show the files in reverse order
> >>> to the norm, i.e directories on top and individual files
> >>> beneath. Don't know how it was accidentally done?
> >>> Using FVWM - Debian Stretch
> >>> Any clues where I might configure this to return it to what is was
> >>> would be appreciated.
> >>> TIA
> >>> Charlie  
> >> Which file manager are you using? Thunar (the default for Xfce)
> >> has a checkbox option Edit / Preferences / Display / "Sort folders
> >> before files".
> >> Thunar also allows you to change the sort order by toggling the
> >> "\/" (descending) or "/\" (ascending) at the end of the column
> >> heading label, but I think your problem is more like that fixed by
> >> the checkbox above.  
> > Thanks for your prompt answer Ben. I use MC and that's fine.
> > But when I go Ctrl-O when in Kate or Lyx the order is reversed.
> > Can't get an answer from the Lyx list. It must be a file manager
> > accessed by these two.
> > Libreoffice and Okular don't reverse the order.
> > When the window opens there is no option other than list view -
> > detail view or new folder. Very sparse.
> > I might have to set the file-manager in my profile or .bashrc, but
> > don't know the way to do that.
> > Thank You,
> > Charlie  
> So for clarity (and better Googling), please confirm these details:
> - the problem is *not* your file manager, it is the ordering in the
> file chooser dialog of some applications, and
> - the order is not reversed, is just that folders are sorted before
> files.
> Please confirm that my understanding is correct.
> The common element is that both Kate and Lyx are Qt applications, but 
> then so is Okular I think. There might be a KDE setting. I do not
> know.
> Can you access options by right clicking on a folder in the file
> chooser dialog?

	After contemplation, my reply is:

	Thank you for your time and patience Ben. Never having struck
	this problem previously it was frustrating and googling didn't
	help, I tried xdg-utils and I have forgotten most of the others
	that I attempted to, or got into in an attempt to fix it.

Siard had the way of it.

My file manager window was too small, the spin control hidden. I might
have called that the "spin tiller" in other emails. A senior moment or
two and because I am a peasanto, a man of the land when not retired.
At the same time trying to talk to a man about my phone line being
down. He needed to go away and check some things, and in between I am
trying to answer all the good people who have replied to this. The
phone business is now completed, but will have to wait some days for my
landline to be fixed. One down, thank you all, one to go. [sigh]

At the same time there is a wallaby hopping round the room and wombats
running all over the floor. So when unplugging, plugging in leads on
shelves have to negotiate them.

I really appreciate your generosity of time I used up. Yours, and
other peoples. I always make this list the last port of call when I
have been frustrated, unable to find answers from the web/manuals and
trolling archives, for some days or weeks. Then I bite the bullet and
ask here.

So thank you once again. It is as always, very much appreciated.

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