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Re: File managers show files and directories in reverse order.........

On 30/05/18 11:49, Charlie S wrote:
My file manager window was too small, the spin control hidden.

Ah! Thanks for letting us know.

At the same time there is a wallaby hopping round the room and wombats
running all over the floor. So when unplugging, plugging in leads on
shelves have to negotiate them.

Tricky. While at my standing desk, I only have to contend with a hungry cat sinking his claws into my legs.

I really appreciate your generosity of time I used up. Yours, and
other peoples. I always make this list the last port of call when I
have been frustrated, unable to find answers from the web/manuals and
trolling archives, for some days or weeks. Then I bite the bullet and
ask here.
So thank you once again. It is as always, very much appreciated.

You are most welcome. Good questions make this list interesting.

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@transient.nz>
Transient Software Limited <https://transient.nz/>
New Zealand

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