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Re: File managers show files and directories in reverse order.........

On Tue, 29 May 2018 18:50:40 +0200 Stefan Krusche sent:

> On my system here is also a configuration option in the opening
> dialog of kate next to the field where the directory is shown. There,
> in a submenu, I can choose that directories be shown first. Also,
> with F12 as a hotkey, directories will be shown in a separate area of
> the open file dialog.

	After contemplation, my reply is:

	Thank you for your reply Stefan. I can't seem to make that
	work, but probably haven't got the hotkey configured. Anyway,
	my eyes have been opened.

	Siard had the right way of it. My file manager window was too
	small and the spin control hidden. The reason that this is,
	because I have some files that have long names and there is a
	huge gap between the Name - [huge gap] -Size - Type etc..

So thank you again.

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