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Re: Simple spreadsheet program.

On Wed 14 Mar 2018 at 18:46:46 (+1100), Erik Christiansen wrote:
> On 13.03.18 10:48, David Wright wrote:
> > On Tue 13 Mar 2018 at 21:31:00 (+1100), Erik Christiansen wrote:
> > > Too true. After a couple of hours of failing to get any GUI drawing
> > > package, not least LibreOffice, to do anything useful, I used Vim to
> > > textually produce the 8 drawings for my house; plan, elevations &
> > > sections, and site plan. It took about 800 lines of Postscript, and I
> > > didn't have to crack the inscrutable secrets of an obstructive GUI
> > > interface.
> > 
> > OTOH the results of your work were highly scrutable?
> Adjectives describe nouns, in the quoted text that is "interface secrets".
> The quoted text did not refer to output/results.
> The quote of my function to draw a door in a floorplan shows my text
> input, not output/results.

That's just playing with words. As far as we on this list are
concerned, your contribution to the thread was a process: editing
PostScript source text with vim. The work that you put into this
process/interface/call it what you will, was a lengthy session
of learning the PostScript language. That has to be costed in,
just as learning about snap-to-grid has to be.

> The result of conversion of the postscript to pdf is a suite of drawings
> when displayed with e.g. xpdf. (Scrutable even to local government
> officials, at considerable cost saving compared to using an architect.)

The marks on the paper were not under discussion, neither as a
technical drawing nor as an architectural design, but only the
operations to produce them.

> But there is perhaps an unstated point - that the postscript language
> (the interface) is not equally scrutable for all.

That's why I quoted it, so people could judge for themselves. It's
the one part of your process that can be clearly put in a posting.
This source code has to be mastered.

> I found it infinitely
> easier to learn a fully discoverable textual language than how to crank
> a mouse engine in mysterious ways.

One would expect that of someone who sees using a mouse as fighting it.

But here we have no way of knowing how the OP views using a mouse
(which for most spreadsheet operations plays a minor role):
whether it makes things easier or speedier, or is best avoided.
For most people, there's a balance; they use both mouse and keyboard
as they feel is appropriate for each action.

All that said, the thrust of my post was: everyone should have some
sort of acquaintance with spreadsheets by the time they leave school.
Vim key bindings—perhaps not. PostScript—probably not.


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