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Re: Debian v.9.2.1 DVDs - how long are they good for?

Oh, this one you misunderstood. I just wantes to mention, that you can just 
burn the new iso on the dvd you read of before. So there is no need to buy a 
new one for every update of the installation dvd. Just overburn it.
Saves money.

After that you can safely delete the iso (I do so, as it is not needed any 
more). Of course, you can save the iso and overwrite it. Saves time. 

> We only disagree about this statement of yours:
> > > > when they are read/
> > > > writable, then he can easyly update them by using the famous
> > > > "jigdo-lite".
> Have a nice day :)
> Thomas

I love jigdo-lite. :)



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