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Re: Simple spreadsheet program.

On 13.03.18 08:59, Joe wrote:
> I'm not aware of a 'simple' spreadsheet, as it is the kind of
> application that begs for feature-creep. Synaptic turns up sc, which I
> know nothing about, but the description doesn't look compatible with
> 'simple', unless the user interface is similar to something you already
> know.

An sc description: "Its keybindings are familiar to users of 'vi', and
it has most features that a pure spreadsheet would, but lacks things
like graphing and saving in foreign formats. It's very stable and quite
easy to use once you've put a little effort into learning it." makes it
look as simple as it gets.

(Who just uses a line of awk when needing to sum a column or two in a table.)

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