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Re: Simple spreadsheet program.

On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 14:13:33 +1100
terryc <terryc@woa.com.au> wrote:

> What is a simple spreadsheet program that can be installed under
> Stretch. I need to do some work quickly
> hint, if your answer is LibreOffice or similar read the question
> again. I'm frustrated that the last few time I wanted to do a simple
> spreadsheet layout, it was easier and faster to craft a LaTex document
> then try and unfathom LibreOffice methods.

'The' alternative spreadsheet is gnumeric, but it's some years since I
used it last. I recall it as being a bit less Excel-like than
LibreOffice (OpenOffice then) but that might be different now. If you
don't have any other Gnome stuff, gnumeric is likely to pull in quite a
lot of dependencies.

I'm not aware of a 'simple' spreadsheet, as it is the kind of
application that begs for feature-creep. Synaptic turns up sc, which I
know nothing about, but the description doesn't look compatible with
'simple', unless the user interface is similar to something you already


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