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Re: Handhelds that conviently run Debian

Richard Owlett wrote:

> On a regional mailing list I had described what I'm looking for as a
> tablet. That seems to include things that fold.  Although I *DON'T* want
> a "smartphone", that physical form factor is desirable. It must be
> available as "new" from a U.S. retailer.
> I have a preference for x86 processors, that is not a requirement.
> I would like to use with a USB keyboard.
> It will be used for simple data collection and data will be transferred
> to home system primarily via a USB flash drive.
> I suspect I've some unrecognized assumptions.
> Suggestions please.

there are various small factor and mini pcs, industrial pcs as well. What I
don't understand is if you want to have a screen attached or embedded.

some 10y ago I bought Acrosser with Geode, Raspberry and alike is definitely
an option.
Recently I'm playing with SailfishOS on Sony Xperia X, I also bought Intex
AquaFish and I'm using Nokia N9 as primary phone.

>From what I've seen you can't easily find something handheld where you can
plug a usb - don't know because of size or power.
Also those mini pcs with SoC for the public are lame IMO, but good change
that it would run debian



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