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Re: removing of sddm (debian 9 -kde5) to start in console mode then startx to start kde5

David Wright composed on 2017-10-21 11:34 (UTC-0500):

> On Fri 20 Oct 2017 at 04:42:53 (-0400), Felix Miata wrote:

>> It's not resolutions per se, but resolution increases have considerable tendency
>> to carry higher pixel density, notwithstanding the considerable average density
>> differences between laptop displays and desktop displays. The problem comes from
>> several sources:

> … which have to do with how X is configured, not whether you use a DE.
> Your point about the size of the "default" size of xterm (where "default"
> depends where you're coming from) is easily changed in any WM 

A point I was trying to make was that "easily" it is not, unless your eyes are
as good as, and your hardware matches that of, those who selected the defaults
provided by the applicable software. Shrinking the size can be many orders of
magnitude easier than bringing up to a legible size, because making a change
depends on discovering and utilizing the process of change being legible in the
first place.
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