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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

Emanuel Berg composed on 2017-10-13 21:20 (UTC+0200):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-compaq-6720s-notebook-pc/3442832/swItemId/ob-66967-1

> An .exe file, is this the one you'd run after
> first installing Windows XP?

> Then run it,
No. If possible, I'd follow the instructions that URL directs you to, to use HP System
Software Manager (SSM).

> and
> reinstall Debian? 

Reinstalling Debian would be a pointless extra step.

What I would do is remove the HD currently installed, temporarily install some
other HD, install Windows on that, install the BIOS update, then reinstall the
original HD that has Debian already installed.

Knowing how HP can make using FOSS software so difficult, I probably never would
have bought an HP in the first place, unless pre-owned, for an extremely low price,
or for free. The only HP I own was free. Upgrading its BIOS was similarly difficult,
but I did do it, to solve a problem similar to yours (bad ACPI), using instructions
not provided by HP that included using an extra HD.

> They mention "RedFlag Linux", which is unknown
> to me, however this doesn't sound like a distro
> issue so perhaps it can be made to work?
> RedFlag is a Chinese distro by the way, which
> isn't a Debian fork for a change but based on
> Red Hat [1].
> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Flag_Linux 
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