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Re: Logitech "unifying" receiver buttons aren't?

On 2017-10-12 11:44:29 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
What does the word Unifying, as I see in dmesg for some, but not all, the
the rx buttons for wireless keyboards/mice, actually mean?

I took that to mean that it could work for both their (logitech's)
keyboards or mice, possibly at the same time so that it might be usable
for both at the same time, thereby saving a usb2 socket.

Testing that theory got that idea squashed, so what exactly does that
word unifying mean?

It means what you originally thought -- you can use multiple Logitech
wireless with one receiver. Several years ago the software to configure
the receiver worked only on windows. A couple different people
reverse-engineered it, and now there are 2 packages that allow you to
manage it under linux.

I use lur-command. The other package is solaar.

Hope this helps,

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