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Re: Live recording

On Mon 07 Aug 2017 at 19:56:34 (+0200), Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> Jeremy Nicoll <jn.ml.dbn.25@letterboxes.org> writes:
> > On Sun, 6 Aug 2017, at 21:09, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> >
> >> Mmmmm...  Otherwise I'll have to buy a mixer.
> >> 
> >> Rodolfo
> >
> > If you can capture multiple channels' audio and have them in separate files
> > on your computer then you can mix them using sox.  You don't have to have a
> > physical mixer.
> Yes, but I was referring to the time delay problem that has been arised by some
> listers...

That was me, and we had moved on to multiple PCs, whereas now we're
back to talking about one PC with multiple channels.

Back to two PCs, it did occur to me that if you mix your L/R from the
piano onto one channel of the final mix and use the singer's mic in
the other, you might get fewer artificial effects, particularly with
speakers because the room contributes plenty of muddling.

Way back in 1958, the BBC tried experimenting with stereo broadcasts
on Saturday mornings using TV for one channel and the Third Programme
(radio) for the other. Naturally there was a lot of strolling around
the studio at their end and fighting over the hot seat at our end. But
without any other experience of stereo sound (in the true "solid"
sense of the word), it's difficult for me to recall how well the
effect was transferred to our living room. Nor do I know how similar
the signal processing timing was between a cheap, inherited, Band I TV
and a state of the art Leak Trough-Line Band II tuner. With TV chassis
floating at mains potential, there was not much thought of mixing the
channels or tape recording them.


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